Growth Modeling

It should be easier to plan your growth model and test out hypothesis to see which strategy will work best

Acquisition Marketing

It should be clearer to identify what marketing channels are contributing the most quality traffic

Sales Management

Managing sales teams and pipeline should be easier to drive more accurate forecasting and team stack rankings

GTM Strategy

It should should be simpler to define your GTM strategy and track performance against

Lead Generation

It should be faster to see who the top performing MDR/BDR’s are and confirm SLA compliance

Sales Operations

Modeling team structures, growth and capacity planning should be easier

DemandVue is the Next Generation in SaaS Analytics

We are dedicated to helping SaaS companies drive faster growth by leveraging our decades of SaaS experience, predictive intelligence from white box machine learning, and native data integrations to cut through the noise of data silos, avoid manual hacks, and replace static documents.


Leverage our 30+ prebuilt dashboards that create themselves from your data model and systems of record all focusing on the critical metrics that drive growth. 


“Live in Five” is our commitment that you can be implemented in five minutes or less all self-service right from the website. 


Now you can have the context of last week, month or quarter as well as benchmark against your peers from our database of over 3,000 SaaS companies

Built to Support Revenue Ops

DemandVue - SaaS Revenue Ops Analytics

Benchmarked Companies

Minutes to Implement

Prebuilt Dashboards


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Core Features

SaaS sales automation and analytics

Eliminate the Docs

Leave Excel, Google docs and PowerPoints behind with DemandVue’s real-time dashboards to track performance against plan, model results, KPI’s and competitive benchmarks.

SaaS pipeline analytics

Full Pipeline Visibility

Get a unified view of your entire funnel to identify performance against the plan in real-time and benchmark against other periods.

SaaS Marketing Attribution

Marketing Perfomance

Track marketing performance to see what is really driving website traffic and generating marketing qualified leads.

SaaS Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Track the performance of your business development and lead generation teams to identify top performing strategies and talent.

SaaS Sales analytics and pipeline analytics

Sales Analytics

Easily dig into pipeline analytics, stage, quota and goal coverage, team stack rank and more

DemandVue - predictive saas forecasting

Predictive Forecasting

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Over 3,000 SaaS Companies

Compare against segments of our SaaS benchmark database or build your own peer group based on funding, location, revenue or employee size.
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