Platform Features

DemandVue - SaaS Demand Gen Pipeline Analytics

Plug & Play

Forget the days of wasting hours building Salesforce reports and pivot table excel docs. Just enter your credentials and you are done!


Full Pipeline Visibility

Instantly align marketing, lead gen and sales. See exactly where you stand against plan from leads through deals and all the stage conversation rates in between.


Benchmark Your Results

Track your performance against our database of 3,000+ SaaS companies to see exactly how you compare to your peers.

Marketing Attribution

See exactly what marketing campaign and channel is really driving business so you know where to spend your next dollar.

Unifed Demand Generation

SaaS companies cannot effectively grow without marketing and sales alignment, but the core system like Google Analytics and Salesforce make it so difficult to understand what is really working and even harder to view your pipeline all in one place.Now with DemandVue you can instantly have visibility into your pipeline.

Giving you the Power to Perform

DemandVue SaaS Marketing Attribution

Marketing Attribution

DemandVue helps you understand what is really driving pipeline not just traffic. View dashboards on marketing campaigns, website referrals, leads sources and understand what to invest more and how to eliminate waste spend.

Stage by Stage Dashboards

Stop wasting time building reports and dashboards in Salesforce, just to have to export to excel so you can get the answer you want. DemandVue with automatically create beautiful dashboards for  every stage of your pipeline so with one click you can focus on driving revenue.

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